Re: SVR4 STREAMS (for example LiS)

From: Luciano Miguel Ferreira Rocha (
Date: Mon Jul 21 2003 - 09:50:42 EST

On Mon, Jul 21, 2003 at 10:38:38AM -0400, Richard B. Johnson wrote:
> Streams are an extension of buffered I/O implimented by the 'C'
> runtime library. Streams really have nothing to do with the
> internal workings of kernel I/O. As far as kernel I/O goes,
> one reads() and writes() from user-space.

Actually, SysV Streams do.

An ex, for openning a pty, on svr4:
fds = open(pts_name, O_RDWR)
ioctl(fds, I_PUSH, "ptem")
ioctl(fds, I_PUSH, "ldterm")
ioctl(fds, I_PUSH, "ttcompat")

Where ptem, ldterm, ttcompat work as independent modules converting the
stream, resulting in a pseudo-terminal implementation.

New programs should just use openpty directly, and let libc take care
of the actual implementation.

Also, BSD sockets were implemented using streams also, thus the compatibility

Anyway, I see no point in caring wether streams are used or not in normal

Luciano Rocha
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