2.6.0-test1 and LILO problem: "Device 0x0300: Invalid partition table, 1st entry"

From: Michael Schierl (schierlm-usenet@gmx.de)
Date: Sun Jul 20 2003 - 18:57:53 EST


(sorry if i am wrong here; could in that case someone tell me the
right place to report this?)

I installed 2.6.0-test1 kernel on my acer laptop. Seems to run quite
well (even APM works now), but when I try to rerun LILO (when I
recompiled the kernel), it does not work on 2.6.0-test1 kernel:

LILO version 22.2, Copyright (C) 1992-1998 Werner Almesberger
Development beyond version 21 Copyright (C) 1999-2001 John Coffman
Released 05-Feb-2002 and compiled at 20:57:26 on Apr 13 2002.

Reading boot sector from /dev/hda2 Merging with /boot/boot-menu.b Boot image: /vmlinuz -> boot/vmlinuz Added Linux


Boot image: /boot/vmlinuz-2.4 Added Linux2.4

Boot other: /dev/hda1, on /dev/hda, loader /boot/chain.b Device 0x0300: Invalid partition table, 1st entry 3D address: 1/1/261 (263151) Linear address: 1/12/4159 (4193028) ---

hda1 is a fat32 partition w/ windows on it.

When I boot 2.4.20, i can rewrite LILO w/o errors.

looking at /proc/ide/hda/geometry reveals on 2.4.20:

--- physical 19485/16/63 logical 1222/255/63 ---

on 2.6.0-test1:

--- physical 19485/16/63 logical 19485/16/63 ---

/proc/partitions is in both cases:

--- major minor #blocks name

3 0 9820440 hda 3 1 7719201 hda1 3 2 1992028 hda2 3 3 104422 hda3 ---

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