Re: [BUG] 2.6.0-test1 JAP_86 disappeared from atkbd.c

Date: Sun Jul 20 2003 - 15:53:08 EST

>>>>> "AB" == Andries Brouwer <> writes:

AB> Ha - really long ago I wrote that..

AB> Yes, for 2.5 things are much more involved, but I suppose that
AB> all will be well if you add the line

AB> keycode 183 = backslash bar

AB> to your keymap.

Thanks, it really was a long ago. With the above included in
drivers/char/ and regenerating defkeymap.c_shipped
with loadkeys (kbd-1.08 recompiled with include/linux/keyboard.h
that comes with 2.6 kernel), things started work again.

Is there a reason not to include the above "keycode 183" line in
the shipped source (both and defkeymap.c_shipped)?

The 2.6 kernel without it can be seem as a feature degradation
from 2.4 for 86/106 keyboard users, and I would like to know if
there is a case where having that line hurts. Is "keycode 183"
generated for completely different characters on other national
keyboards, and having that line is a feature degradation for
users of such keyboards? I have access to only 101, 86, and 106
keyboards so I cannot test this myself. Or maybe there are
other reasons to leave the default keymap as minimal as it
currently is in 2.6 tree?

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