Re: [PATCH] Makefile 'rpm' target on Red Hat (8.0/9)

From: Sam Ravnborg (
Date: Sun Jul 20 2003 - 14:58:08 EST

On Sun, Jul 20, 2003 at 09:40:23PM +0200, Oliver Pitzeier wrote:
> If 'rpmbuild' doesn't work on other rpm-based distributions (like the two above) I would recommend checking for /etc/redhat-release... Patch for Makefile (from kver 2.4.21-pre5) attached.

That looks horrible.

In 2.6-test1 the following code is used:
RPM := $(shell if [ -x "/usr/bin/rpmbuild" ]; then echo rpmbuild; \
                        else echo rpm; fi)

I would suggest to do it this way, avoiding a distro specific check.
Also there is no reason to export the RPM variable

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