Re: Linux 2.6-pre1 Does not boot on ASUS L3800C: lock up in acpi while "Executing all Devices _STA and_INIT methods"

From: Eric Valette (
Date: Sun Jul 20 2003 - 08:18:20 EST

Grover, Andrew wrote:
>>From: Eric Valette []
>>I happily run 2.4.21-pre5 with ACPI enabled and everything works just
>>fine. I tried today 2.6-pre1 with exactly the same hardware
>>configuration as the 2.4 one and the laptop does not boot. It hangs
>>while dispaying : "Executing all Devices _STA and_INIT methods"
>>allthough it has already printed several '.'
> That's weird. They should have the same version of the ACPI code...

Just to try to help, as suggested by Karol Kasimor, disabling the APIC
make the code pass this section. The APIC is now really unconditionnaly
enabled (regardless of BIOS settings) due to this change in 2.5.74...


So this is an interaction between APIC and ACPI... I still think it
should not crash at least...

BTW : I still cannot boot as the radeon framebuffer driver make things
unreable. I will stcik with 2.4 for a while...

-- eric

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