Re: AMD Athlon MP Machine check exceptions

From: Dr. David Alan Gilbert (
Date: Sun Jul 20 2003 - 06:54:32 EST

* Willy Tarreau ( wrote:
> Hi !
> You should feed it through Dave Jones' parsemce program.

Thank you! Unfortunatly Dave's site seems to be down at the moment
(and google don't seem to have it cached - why?)

> BTW, he already
> replied a few months ago to exactly the same report (search 940040000000017a
> on google, you have it already decoded :-))

Ah - I hadn't thought of searching for the hex, I'd presumed that
related to a particular bank/address/cache line and the chances of lots
of people hitting the same one would be slim - unless there is a
problem? Perhaps when I get parsemce it will be clearer.

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