Re: [PATCH] General filesystem cache

From: David Howells (
Date: Sun Jul 20 2003 - 04:28:28 EST

> Ok. Sounds good. In fact, it's something I've wanted for a while, since
> it's also potentially the solution to performance-critical things like
> virtual filesystems based on revision control logic etc (traditionally
> done with fake NFS servers).

It really does make a difference to my AFS client:-)

> I did a very very quick scan, and didn't see anything that raised my
> hackles. But it's late in the 2.6.x game, and as a result I'm not going to
> apply it until I get a lot of feedback from actual users too.

I can understand that... I've been developing it on and off for a while (it
has had to take the backseat to other things unfortunately, depending on RH's

BTW, will you be at OLS? I'm only going to that not being invited to the KS
(though David Woodhouse has my mobile number;-).

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