Re: 2.5.73: ALSA ISA pnp_init_resource_table compile errors

From: Jochen Hein (
Date: Sun Jul 20 2003 - 00:59:21 EST

Adam Belay <> writes:

> Also there is a kernel parameter to allow dma 0. It is 'allowdma0' and
> I predict the extra dma will get the sound card working.

Can you please add some explanation to the kernel documentation, what
this parameter does and why it helps?

kernel-parameters.txt says only:

        allowdma0 [ISAPNP]

pnp.txt says:

also there are a series of kernel parameters:
pnp_reserve_irq=irq1[,irq2] ....
pnp_reserve_dma=dma1[,dma2] ....
pnp_reserve_io=io1,size1[,io2,size2] ....
pnp_reserve_mem=mem1,size1[,mem2,size2] ....

Even if I'd read the files, I'd never guess that I should try that


#include <~/.signature>: permission denied
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