Re: [PATCH] Port SquashFS to 2.6

Date: Sun Jul 20 2003 - 00:40:22 EST

>>>>> "DD" == David Dillow <> writes:

DD> On Sat, 2003-07-19 at 18:59, wrote:
>> ...
>> + while(length < index) {
>> + char buffer[PAGE_CACHE_SIZE];
DD> Hmm, isn't that 4K allocated on the stack? Ouch.

Ouch indeed. I was not looking for these things (I was just
porting not fixing). Thank you for pointing it out. Have a
couple of questions:

 - Would it be an acceptable alternative here to use blocking
   kmalloc upon entry with matching kfree before leaving?

 - I would imagine that the acceptable stack usage for functions
   would depend on where they are called and what they call.
   Coulc you suggest a rule-of-thumb number for
   address_space_operations.readpage (say, would 1kB be OK but
   not 3kB?)

 - Would the same rule apply to 2.4 filesystem layer?

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