Re: libata driver update posted

From: Jeff Garzik (
Date: Sat Jul 19 2003 - 15:13:05 EST

Martin Schlemmer wrote:
> On Fri, 2003-07-18 at 17:43, Jeff Garzik wrote:
> Slower this side. The Maxtor 40GB (ata133) is however just set to
> udma33, where the Seagate 20GB (ata100) driver is set correctly to
> udma100.

Yeah, that's expected: Parallel ATA (PATA) requires cable detection to
go beyond UDMA/33, and my driver doesn't do that yet [since I'm
concentrating on SATA].

> The Seagate start off ok (about 35mb/s), but then after doing some heavy
> disk io, it also just drops to the 20mb/s region.

That's definitely interesting. Is "heavy disk I/O" the hdparm stuff you
described, or something else too?


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