Re: [OT] HURD vs Linux/HURD

From: GaŽl Le Mignot (
Date: Sat Jul 19 2003 - 15:05:12 EST

> On Sat, Jul 19, 2003 at 07:46:54PM +0200, Ga?l Le Mignot wrote:
>> Hello Larry!
>> Sat, 19 Jul 2003 10:23:11 -0700, you wrote:
>> >> - GNU/Hurd, the whole systems, is actually GNU tools (libc, linker,
>> >> ...) on top of the GNU Hurd (set of servers) and the GNU Mach
>> >> microkernel.
>> > Mach wasn't written by GNU, it's a BSD based kernel
>> Totally wrong. You're confusing the Mach operating system (with UX, a
>> BSD-server on top of the Mach micro-kernel) and the Mach micro-kernel
>> itself.

> The microkernel part of any reasonable microkernel is tiny. The QNX
> microkernel used to fit in a 4K instruction cache. To say that the
> microkernel is the operating system is ludicrous, that's like say
> this series of 5 instructions which happen to get run a lot are the
> whole program.

You completly missed the point.

The part use by the GNU Hurd is only the Mach microkernel, not the
Mach operating system in a whole.

>> > pried apart into chunks by people at CMU.
>> GNU Mach is a modified version of OSF Mach which is modified version
>> of CMU Mach.

> Whatever. That's your label. Personally, I despise this business of
> taking someone else's code and renaming it. It's not GNU code, the
> GNU people didn't write it.

We did it with the agreement of the original authors, and then we
changed it. Should we call our modified version with the same name
than the original one ? That would be bad, indeed !

>> Maybe for you, an OS is drivers. For me, it's a design, an
>> architecture, a philosophy, and a way to defend a value that is not
>> important for you: Freedom.

> I've got a shelf of OS texts, probably close to 90% of all the OS texts
> written and I don't recall any of them teaching that you should take other
> people's code, rename it, and claim it as your own in the name of freedom.

Stop lying. No one at the GNU project ever claimed a code to be his if
he didn't write it. Just look in any header file, and you'll se the
copyright entries intact. And we always say everywhere that GNU Mach
is a fork of OSF Mach.

>> > If the Hurd gets its drivers from Linux then it should rightfully be called
>> > Linux/HURD (or Linux/HURD/GNU).
>> Stop trolling, thank you.

> Hey, you want to spout nonsense then be prepared to be challenged. I'm
> just responding to something that is obviously incorrect, that's not
> trolling, that's setting the record straight.

You're just writing a lot of incorrect statements, insulting people
(yes, you're calling the GNU project "thieves"), and not correcting
anything, since you just answer completly outside the subject.

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