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From: Larry McVoy (
Date: Sat Jul 19 2003 - 14:05:31 EST

> Basically, cvsps sucks off the rlog messages and compares any check-in

Hmm. I would guess that makes rlog very happy. And sleepy :)

> texts / times of any files to find out what has been checked-in with a
> single check-in. That is then called a patchset (cvs_ps_). With some
> command line arguments, it'll then output the check-in text as well as a
> unified diff.

We're looking at getting some seperate bandwidth for and
turning on the patch feature of BK/Web. Then you'll be able to do a


and get something like the following. I suspect this is better than
cvsps and it will work for all repositories on, not just
the mainline one. Is that good enough for what you want? The format
below repeats for each file in the changeset.

===== man/man1/bk-config-etc.1 vs 1.26 =====
02/05/16 13:44:09 1.24 +16 -0
   Document 'trust_window' parameter
02/10/03 11:24:15 +9 -0
   Docuement the BK_CONFIG environmental variable

--- Tue Sep 17 12:33:59 2002
+++ 1.26/man/man1/bk-config-etc.1 Thu Oct 3 09:24:49 2002
@@ -30,6 +30,15 @@
 (/etc/BitKeeper/etc/config) then that setting will override any
 matching key in local config files.
+Also configuration entries can be overridden with the
+environmental variable. That variable can contain a list of key:value
+pairs seperated by semicolons. For example:
+.IR key1 : value2 ; key2 : value2 ; key3 : value3\c
 Minimum content requirements for the BitKeeper/etc/config file

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