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From: Jan-Benedict Glaw (
Date: Sat Jul 19 2003 - 13:42:46 EST

On Fri, 2003-07-18 15:32:06 -0500, Shawn <>
wrote in message <1058560325.2662.31.camel@localhost>:
> To add to this, why?
> I don't mean to jump on anyone, but so long as someone can pull all the
> BK data out if Larry gets unreasonable (via the active and existing SVN
> or CVS gateways) who the frig cares if there's a BK clone??? If things
> got nasty, pull the data and switch unceremoniously switch to SVN or
> whatever.

Have you ever used eg. cvsps with the BK->CVS gateway? I tried this and
failed because of 4 issues:

        - I couldn't get the initial import patchset (2)
        - I couldn't get two other patchsets
        - One patchset added a file which already existed (11504)

Trying cvsps with the BKCVS gateway, you won't be able to automagically
import all these patchsets into some other SCM. I got the BKCVS->SVN
script and I'm still looking at it. Other than that, I'm to have a deep
look at cvsps if there's some hidden bug which lets it fail on mentioned
four patchsets...

However, I want to thank Larry for the BC->CVS gateway. Eventually, some
customers could make some use out of it, but it definitively tells us
that Larry is willing to do more than giving BK away (in most cases for
free (as in beer)) - he's investing in it as well as tryin' to keep us
using it (for what he offers some small presents from time to time such
as hosting service and BK->CVS).


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