[BUG] 2.6.0-test1 JAP_86 disappeared from atkbd.c

From: junkio@cox.net
Date: Sat Jul 19 2003 - 05:44:11 EST

In 2.4, Japanese 86/106 keyboards used to be able to generate
backslash and pipe characters (around ll. 367 in
linux-2.4.21/drivers/char/pc_keyb.c), but the rewritten AT
keyboard driver linux-2.6.0-test1/drivers/input/keyboard/atkbd.c
does not seem to have corresponding support for that key. As a
result, the key seems to be dead and I cannot type '|' on such a
keyboard from Linux console (it works OK in X Window but that is

For your reference, here is some comments in the 2.4 PC keyboard
driver that I think is relevant.


        } else if (scancode >= SC_LIM) {
            /* This happens with the FOCUS 9000 keyboard
               Its keys PF1..PF12 are reported to generate
               55 73 77 78 79 7a 7b 7c 74 7e 6d 6f
               Moreover, unless repeated, they do not generate
               key-down events, so we have to zero up_flag below */
            /* Also, Japanese 86/106 keyboards are reported to
               generate 0x73 and 0x7d for \ - and \ | respectively. */
            /* Also, some Brazilian keyboard is reported to produce
               0x73 and 0x7e for \ ? and KP-dot, respectively. */

          *keycode = high_keys[scancode - SC_LIM];


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