[BUG] linux laptop keyboard problem since 2.5.74

From: Warren Turkal (wturkal@cbu.edu)
Date: Sat Jul 19 2003 - 01:22:57 EST

Sorry for the crosspost, but I didn't get a response originally from the
acpi-devel list. Also, I am not subscribed to either list. Please CC me on
replies that should go to me.

Something got merged between 2.5.73 and 74 that has messed with my system ever
since. Some of the keys that are activated with Fn combinations are messed up.

Some of these combinations involve turning on external monitor output and
showing battery status.

I suspect ACPI as that was the culprit last time when I could not use the Fn
combinations at all. I compiled my kernel with acpi as modules and the
problems happens even when not loading the modules for acpi. I also tried
booting with acpi=off and that did not seem to change anything.

Like I said, 2.5.73 was fine and didn't lock like 2.5.74 to 2.6.0-test1 do. So
the bug was somewhere in that revision.

I have a Gateway 600 series laptop with 256mb ram and 1.9Ghz P4. Does anyone
know where I should start investigating for more info.

Thanks, Warren Turkal

Treasurer, GOLUM, Inc.

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