Re: 2.6.0-test1+ Alsa + Intel 82801CA/CAM AC'97 Audio OOPS

Date: Fri Jul 18 2003 - 23:46:05 EST

On Fri, 18 Jul 2003 22:10:12 EDT, Simon Boulet <> said:

> Also, the OSS (non-ALSA) Intel ICH (i8xx) loads correctly but the sound
> output is slow (rate or clocking problem?). My sound was fine under
> 2.4.21.

> i810_audio: only 48Khz playback available.

> i810_audio: setting clocking to 64937

I was having problems with i810_audio clocking as well. It turned out to be
the Intel Speedstep support, of all things. *IF* your kernel includes:


it was possible to end up with a broken value for loops_per_jiffie. I've
attached a patch that fixes the bug and does a few cleanups...

If you don't have the SpeedStep support in your kernel, then your
problem is elsewhere... Good luck... ;)


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