Re: [PATCH] O7int for interactivity

From: Eugene Teo (
Date: Fri Jul 18 2003 - 22:39:59 EST

<quote sender="Felipe Alfaro Solana">
> On Fri, 2003-07-18 at 18:10, Con Kolivas wrote:
> > Here is an update to my Oint patches for 2.5/6 interactivity. Note I will be
> > away for a week so bash away and abuse this one lots and when I get back I can
> > see what else needs doing. Note I posted a preview earlier but this is the formal
> > O7 patch (check the datestamp which people hate in the naming of my patches).
> > I know this is turning into a marathon effort but... as you're all probably aware
> > there is nothing simple about tuning this beast. Thanks to all the testers and
> > people commenting; keep it coming please.
> Feels pretty nice here... X still feels a little "heavy" and slow when
> forcing Evolution to repaint its main window. Anyways, this seems to be
> on the right track.

I was telling Con that when I first trying the O7int patch, after
a series of activities (mutt, xmms, licq, firebird, blah, and blah),
i experienced high loads (2.00+, 3.00+ - that is pretty high for me
already, considering the reasonably high-end laptop i am using). xmms
seem to starved. doing top, i discovered that most, if not all the
X apps that i am running at the moment are in low priority, that is
18-25 at least. compiling kernel, listening to mp3s, typing something
seems difficult. i couldn't deduce what has really gone wrong. i have
not experience this before (O6.1int, and below).

Any idea?

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