2.6.0-test1 + matroxfb = unuusable VC

From: Michel Eyckmans (MCE) (mce@pi.be)
Date: Fri Jul 18 2003 - 17:39:43 EST


I'm using (or rather: trying to use) matroxfb on 2.6.0-test1 (2.5.72 had
the same problems) and am seeing the following:

 - The initial boot console works fine, but all other consoles have
   scrolling problems. The area to the right of any scrolled text is
   most often coloured white, whereas it should be black. When using vi,
   it's even worse: white rectangles all over the place.

 - Right after switching from X to a text console, the fill color is not
   white, but sort of a folded ghost image of part of my X display;

 - Scrolling is not continuous: keep <enter> pushed down, and every so
   often a jump of about 1/3 of the hight of the screen occurs, combined
   with a few lines that do use the correct black background;

 - Backspacing only works when the cursor is positioned at the end of the
   command line. Anywhere else the positions to the right of the cursor
   are not repainted.

I'm using these settings: video=matroxfb:vesa:0x11A,fh:92k,fv:160"


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