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From: Scott Robert Ladd (
Date: Fri Jul 18 2003 - 17:29:04 EST

Trever L. Adams wrote
> Stallman, believe it or not, you used to be someone I looked up to a
> great deal. I still think some of your ideas are great and I would love
> to see the entire world as open source. However, to encourage people to
> do things that are known to antagonize others is crazy. CVS is crap. I
> haven't used Bitkeeper but I have tried a lot of others, and they are
> junk. So, if Bitkeeper is as good as Linus et al think it is, then it
> would be insane to do anything to ruin the relationship they have with
> Bitkeeper. Ideology is great, but it does have to be tempered and meted
> out so that it can be implemented in a way that brings the most good to
> everyone. At this point, ticking off McVoy will likely do the opposite.
> McVoy, thank you for helping Linus, Cox, Miller et al scale better. As
> I have said before, I hope there is some way your software can become
> more open, but I will leave that up to you and your team to figure out
> when and how.

You are being far too rational for this discussion.

While I may have my disagreements with Larry at times, I appreciate his
patience in granting BitKeeper to the kernel developers.

RMS is a political idealist -- a good thing, in that such people help
bring about shifts in society. But like all idealists, he's become
trapped his dogma, fixated on finding battles to fight, even in other
people's realms.

Scott Robert Ladd
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