Re: Bitkeeper

Date: Fri Jul 18 2003 - 16:54:38 EST

On Fri, 18 Jul 2003 22:23:30 BST, Alan Cox said:

> Actually your license is simply irrelevant in most of thre world. You
> aren't allowed to forbid reverse engineering for interoperability.

o Security fixes
        | Details censored in accordance with the US DMCA

And there's the resignation letter from ALS from a certain LKML regular, too....

Now what's this about the "simply irrelevant"? Now admittedly the DMCA issues
were on the criminal side of the legal system rather than the civil side, but
the same "You land at the airport and have a chat with the sheriff's deputy"
issue still applies - it's merely a lawsuit rather than an arrest warrant...

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