[PATCH] docbook: Added support for generating man files

From: Sam Ravnborg (sam@ravnborg.org)
Date: Fri Jul 18 2003 - 15:48:52 EST

Hi Linus - please apply. Only docbook relevant changes.

Originally by Michael Still <mikal@stillhq.com>
This patch adds two new targets to the docbook makefile -- mandocs, and
installmandocs. The targets require two new perl scripts in the scripts/
directory, but in return we get a series of man pages for kernel
functions, which are installed in man section 9. This is a good thing, as
many programmers expect documentation to be available with man, and
hunting through various PS or PDF documents to find the documentation for
the function you want can be quite frustrating.

The man pages are just extracted from the various existing DocBook SGML
documents, which are generated by kernel-doc. You also need to have
docbook2man installed on your machine.

Please note the formatting is not perfect, but I will tweak
other stuff later with further patches -- this is just an initial

Sample output (HTMLised) can be found at
http://www.stillhq.com/linux/mandocs/2.5.68/ and
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