2.4.22-pre6-dis6 released

From: Disconnect (kernel@gotontheinter.net)
Date: Fri Jul 18 2003 - 12:49:42 EST

After a long wait, 2.4.22-pre6-dis6 is finally out. It includes both
preempt and swsusp-1.0.2, the two things I was waiting for.

*New webpage* Details and downloads at www.gotontheinter.net/

If other people using this have custom DSDTs, send them to me and I'll
add them in as a config option to save some effort. Ditto for any other
useful patches you'd like to see in dis7 (which should be out a lot
faster than dis6 was. Unless I get more requests, it'll just be an
update of existing features/patches to the newest version.)

The only known issue so far is that usb-uhci and swsusp don't get along
(khubd can't be refridgerated). Rmmod usb-uhci or (suggested) stop
hotplug before suspending.

If anyone other than myself and Mighty are using this, toss a comment
into that page to let me know what you think.. (if its just us I'll stop
bothering the list with announcements ;) ..)

New Stuff:
- Swsusp 1.0.2
- Preempt
Old Stuff:
- Low-latency
- Supermount-NG 1.2.7
- New DSDT (from Adrian Dewhurst) for the Inspiron 8500. Fixes lots of
vendor bugs and is basically the fix I was hoping to avoid doing. Thanks
- New Radeon DRM (so you no longer need the one listed below)
- BootSplash 3.0.7, with a new Configure.help entry and swsusp patches
- Packet mode for 2.4.21
- Newest ACPI
- BCM4400 driver integrated (module only for now; there is a backport of
the proper driver from 2.5 in progress)
- CPUfreq
- Orinoco monitor mode (for airsnort/kismet)
- Vfat-symlink - show windows .lnk files as symlinks
- No-trackpad-while-typing (latest)

Disconnect <kernel@gotontheinter.net>

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