Re: [PATCH] PATCH: typo bits (aka. linguistics in lkml)

From: P. Christeas (
Date: Fri Jul 18 2003 - 09:26:32 EST

>Alan Cox wrote:
>>>>- * It's now support isochronous mode and more effective than hc_sl811.o
>>>>+ * It's now support isosynchronous mode and more effective than
>>>I thought the correct term was `isochronous'...
>> Perhaps someone can clarify - however isochornus is definitely wrong either

>"Isochronous" is correct; it is a synonym for "isochronal", which means
>"uniform in time; of equal duration". That is, I believe, apropos to the
>intended meaning of the comment above.

>"Isosynchronous" does not appear in any of my dictionaries.

Exactly. The valid word is 'isochronous', which characterizes timeslices of
equal length.
It is different from 'synchronous', which is thhings that happen at the same
time, i.e. in parallel. In some extent, this word is used to mean things that
will also end at the same time.

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