From: Andrea Arcangeli (andrea@suse.de)
Date: Fri Jul 18 2003 - 02:23:31 EST



changelog diff between 2.4.22pre6aa1 and 2.4.22pre6aa2:

Only in 2.4.22pre6aa1: 00_extraversion-26
Only in 2.4.22pre6aa2: 00_extraversion-27
Only in 2.4.22pre6aa1: 9900_aio-21-ppc-1
Only in 2.4.22pre6aa2: 9903_aio-22-ppc-1
Only in 2.4.22pre6aa1: 9999_sched_yield_scale-5
Only in 2.4.22pre6aa2: 9999_sched_yield_scale-6


Only in 2.4.22pre6aa1: 05_vm_23_per-cpu-pages-2
Only in 2.4.22pre6aa2: 05_vm_23_per-cpu-pages-3

        Minor cleanup.

Only in 2.4.22pre6aa1: 9900_aio-21.gz
Only in 2.4.22pre6aa2: 9900_aio-22.gz

        Add KM_SOFTIRQ0/1 so crypto can compile.

Only in 2.4.22pre6aa2: 9902_aio-poll-1

        Added the AIO polling functionality. NOTE: the ABI
        is IOCB_CMD_POLL = 5. IMHO rather than moving poll
        into aio, aio should be moved on top of epoll. using poll should always
        be avoided, but apps already uses aio poll, so at least
        for the short term it'll be useful. the better approch I suggested is
        to hook the iocb somehow into an epoll fd. that epoll
        feature is missing right now AFIK, but it shouldn't be hard to add and
        it will give persistence to the polling too. The efficient point to
        sleep is epoll, not io_getevents/poll (io_getevents is optimal only
        for waiting for I/O [be it storage or network or pipe I/O of course]).

Only in 2.4.22pre6aa1: 9999900_desktop-2
Only in 2.4.22pre6aa2: 9999900_desktop-3

        Convert max-timeslice/min-timeslice to usecs units
        (the day we'll be interested to schedule more frequently than 1 time
        per usec, I guess we'll be very happy to break this interface with
        userspace ;).

Only in 2.4.22pre6aa1: 9999900_ecc-20020904-1.gz
Only in 2.4.22pre6aa2: 9999900_ecc-20020904-2.gz

        Merged more recent updates from Chip.

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