Re: Wireless linux router

Date: Thu Jul 17 2003 - 17:42:29 EST

> said:
> > A while ago there was much discussion about wireless routers with
> > linux kernels, and no source.
> >
> > Are there any readily available ones that do, and that I can edit the
> > image, and that have a couple of meg of RAM/ROM free?
> I've been playing with the Dell Truemobile 1184. It has 16M ram + 16M
> flash, an ethernet interface for the internet uplink, another ethernet
> interface hardwired to a four-port 10/100 switch, and a prism2 wireless
> interface. If you open up the box, the machine has a serial console if
> you can connect something to the pins.
> I intend to eventually upload my own firmware to it, but I still have a
> lot of investigating to do before i'm confident I won't turn it into a
> paperweight. Any help would be appreciated. :)

Hmm, I see these are going for ~$100 on ebay.


The only more ideal thing would be something that looks like a 4 port
powered USB2 hub, but you plug a CF disk in, or a mass-storage device, and
it tries to boot from it.

You now can make random things by plugging in USB stuff.
Want a network accessible webcam, plug in a camera or three, a [wireless?]
network, and away you go.

Almost trivial to make and would be very cheap.
The problem is that pesky supply and demand thing :)

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