asm (lidt) question

From: Randy.Dunlap (
Date: Thu Jul 17 2003 - 17:28:19 EST

In arch/i386/kernel, inline asm for loading IDT (lidt) is used a few
times, but with slightly different constraints and output/input
definitions. Are these OK, equivalent, or what?

[rddunlap@dragon kernel]$ findc lidt
./cpu/common.c:484: __asm__ __volatile__("lidt %0": "=m" (idt_descr));
./traps.c:783: __asm__ __volatile__("lidt %0": "=m" (idt_descr));


./reboot.c:186: __asm__ __volatile__ ("lidt %0" : : "m" (real_mode_idt));
./reboot.c:261: __asm__ __volatile__("lidt %0": :"m" (no_idt));
./suspend.c:95: asm volatile ("lidt %0" :: "m" (saved_context.idt_limit));


~Randy  [yes, i've looked at the inline asm docs]
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