libata driver update posted

From: Jeff Garzik (
Date: Thu Jul 17 2003 - 16:14:48 EST

Just updated libata library and associated ata_piix driver with several
bug fixes and internal improvements. It now works in 2.6 (again).

Next update will add several host drivers, now that the libata API is
settling down.

2.4.21-based patch:

2.4.21-based BitKeeper repo:

2.6.0-test1-based patch:

2.6.0-test1-based BitKeeper repo:
(yes, "2.5" is not a typo, I haven't changed the name to 2.6 yet)

Remove the ".??" if the file has not appeared on your favorite mirror yet.

* beginnings of pluggable timing configuration
* beginnings of cable detection
* much improved ATA device probing
* a bunch of internal improvements and cleanups (too many to list)
* additional of DocBook documentation
* many bug fixes

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