RE: [PATCH] AHA152x driver hangs on PCMCIA card eject, kernel2.4.22-pre6

From: Bhavesh P. Davda (
Date: Thu Jul 17 2003 - 15:29:05 EST

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> On Thu, Jul 17, 2003 at 08:15:39AM -0600, Bhavesh P. Davda wrote:
> > > Right - scsi_unregister should not be called on a timer event, instead
> > > it needs to kick off a task queue
> The removal timers need to be taken out from most *_cs drivers; they
> are a holdover from when card removal events were delivered in
> interrupt context, and when that was changed to an event handler
> thread, drivers were not changed accordingly. The removal routine
> should now just be called in-line instead of firing up a timer.
> > 2. What happens if there is no physical device hanging off an I/O port
> > address? I am guessing, that on an i386 host, the inb returns
> 0xFF, but am
> > not sure what happens on other architectures. I have a question
> outstanding
> > to Intel for this.
> On most but not all x86 systems floating ports return 0xff. Checking
> for that or other "impossible" register values should be at least
> harmless on other architectures.
> -- Dave

Thank you, Dave!

Attached is a patch that takes into account comments I have received in
response to the original patch I posted. Please peruse it, and if it looks
okay, please recommend that Marcelo pick it up for 2.4.22.

FYI, I have tested this patch on a PIII/440BX with a TI1225 based PCMCIA
card reader and Adaptec SlimSCSI 1460D SCSI adapter card connected to a
Fujitsu SCSI MO drive.


- Bhavesh

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