Re: PROBLEM: Unable to boot linux-2.6-test1

From: James Simmons (
Date: Thu Jul 17 2003 - 12:03:59 EST

> * Dave Jones <> [2003-07-15 20:33:00]:
> > Because this is m, Kconfig is hiding CONFIG_VT from you.
> When I read the help for CONFIG_VT, I was convinced that was it, but
> when I tried to enable CONFIG_VT it still didn't work. It just sounded
> so like that was it. Any other suggestions?
> By the way.. I am subscribed to this list now, so no need to CC anymore,
> but thanks for the reply.

Check to see which console drivers and how many framebuffer drivers you
have enabled. Most peopel have been enabling everything which is wrong.

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