Re: swsusp + synaptics + usb: 2 issues 1 workaround

From: Peter Osterlund (
Date: Thu Jul 17 2003 - 10:17:13 EST

Mattia Dongili <> writes:

> I'm testing swsusp with the 2.6.0-test1 kernel. I'm experiencing
> problems when suspending (S4) with usb modules loaded (still hve to
> narow down which one gives problem - ready to help debugging if not a
> known issue).
> the 2 problems are:
> 1. cannot suspend with usb modules loaded (as said) and I have to stop
> hotplug to be able to go S4
> 2. after resuming an X session the synaptics touchpad goes nuts (not
> imeediately anyway)

I have some patches to improve synaptics kernel support. One of the
patches makes the touchpad behave better together with swsusp. The
patches are available here:

I also see the USB problem, but I think this is already a known issue.

Vojtech, the swsusp patch in the patchset I sent you a few days ago
had some problems, so if you haven't applied those patches yet, I
suggest you apply these new patches instead. Otherwise, I can create
incremental patches for you.

Peter Osterlund -
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