Re: BK Licence: Protocols and Research

From: Rory Browne (
Date: Thu Jul 17 2003 - 08:39:24 EST

* Sean Neakums <> [030717 13:12]:
> [snip]
> I suggest you hire an attorney.

That costs lotsa money. Money I can't really afford to pay.

* Jens Axboe <> [030717 13:32]:
> Then keep it away from lkml? Why does everybody think that BK
> discussions belong here?! News flash: they don't!
I detect a note of anger in that post. Anger leads to hate, and hate
leads to the dark side. We'd hate to see linux developers lost to the
dark side. Besides I'm usually fairly sceptical about what I hear on the

* Alan Cox:
> > Would previous activity in the area of developing a product which
> > contains substantially similary features to Bitkeeper preclude users
> > from
> > using the Free Bitkeeper software?

> Hire a lawyer or talk to the company selling it. This list is definitely
> the wrong place to ask about it.

-> Hire a lawyer:
        See reply to Sean Neakums above.

-> Talk to Company selling it:
        Reply would almost certainly be extremely biased.

-> Wrong Place:
        Okay maybe for that small part of the message, but that small
        part was added for, and only for completeness, but I thought I
        dealt with the possibility of this being the wrong place at the
        end of my last post. Having that said thanks to you, and Sean
        for being polite in your reply.

        Talking about this to the company selling bitkeeper would almost
        certainly yield biased feedback, and here is where many people
        have cross-examined the licence from top to bottom, and who've
        investigated every little nook and crannie of the Licence(and please
        don't bother telling me you aren't lawyers).


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