[PATCH] [2.4.22-pre4] AGPGART for i7205/i7505

From: Marcelo E. Magallon (mmagallo@debian.org)
Date: Thu Jul 17 2003 - 03:17:13 EST


 [ Please Cc: mmagallo@debian.org, I'm not subscribed to the list. ]

 attached is a patch to add support for i7205/i7505 to the 2.4.22-pre4
 kernel (it should apply to newer -pre's). I only looked at the driver
 in 2.5 and AFAICS this is really the only thing needed (Dave, please
 correct me). Alas, the NVIDIA binary-only drivers don't like it. I
 have tried 2.6.0-pre1 on the same machine and it doesn't work with that
 either. I haven't been able to test with anything else yet.

 Another problem I had, in agp_find_max it reads something like:

    long memory, index, result;
    memory = (num_physpages << PAGE_SHIFT) >> 20;

 I have 4 GB of memory on this box and the function reports the maximum
 agp memory to be 0 MB. It's clear why, num_physpages << PAGE_SHIFT is
 zero in this case. Something like:

    if (PAGE_SHIFT > 20)
        memory = num_physpages << (PAGE_SHIFT - 20)
        memory = num_physpages >> (20 - PAGE_SHIFT)

 should do the trick.


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