Re: 2.6 sound drivers?

From: Robert L. Harris (
Date: Wed Jul 16 2003 - 18:39:56 EST

That's what I'm trying to do and why I'm trying to get the sound card to
work, it was in a previous part of this thread. I'm trying to find out
what drivers to load how for ALSA with a soundblaster live.

Thus spake Jeff Garzik (

> Robert L. Harris wrote:
> >
> >I have a soundblaster Live. I've historically used the OSS drivers as
> >they've worked well for me. I just tried to load the emu10k1 which
> >loads without error, but mpg123 says it can't open the default sound
> >device.
> I am biased, but, it would be nice for people to start testing the
> "official" 2.6 sound drivers, ALSA. The ALSA API has many benefits over
> OSS, but needs wide-spread testing and validation.
> Jeff, who is long tired of hacking on OSS drivers :)

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