Re: LVM2 user space, device mapper, Linux 2.4/2.6 dual boot no-go.

From: Tupshin Harper (
Date: Wed Jul 16 2003 - 17:33:36 EST

Matthias Andree wrote:

>here's the situation:
>I want to test drive 2.6, have 2.4.22-pre3-ac1 with LVM1, Device Mapper
>and XFS. I tried LVM2 user space on 2.4.22, it complained about ioctl
>mismatch (wants 4.x.y, gets 1.m.n). Do I need to disable LVM1?
>On 2.6, lvm lvmdiskscan works, but lvm vgscan stuffs my screen with
>"modprobe junk.", so I reverted to 2.4-with-LVM1-user-space for now.
>Has anyone had success with running the same user-space LVM2 stuff on
>2.4 and 2.6? Which versions of device-mapper and LVM2 do you use for
>that purpose? What are the magic switches in Linux-2.4.22-preX-acY?
>Help appreciated.
I'm running LVM2 on 2.4.21-ac4, and that works just fine for me (debian
sid, with the lvm2 package from the distribution). While 2.5/6 is still
too unstable for me to use for long (for unrelated reasons) , it does
boot up correctly and function with 25 lvm2 partitions on four different
lvm groups. I would get it working correctly on your 2.4 kernel first.
There were not magic incantations for me...what distribution are you
using, and where are you getting LVM2 from?


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