Re: [Oops report] (ppp/pppoatm)... explanation found !

From: Vince (
Date: Wed Jul 16 2003 - 16:45:16 EST

Well, it won't be necessary : it appears that Chas Williams was already
aware of the bug and will probably send a patch for that shortly. 8-)

Best regards,


Duncan Sands wrote:
>>I really believe this is a kernel bug that should be fixed (and most
>>probably a pppoatm one : I don't remember ever getting such an error
>>when launching pppd with my pcmcia V90 modem disconnected), but from [1]
>>it's not clear to me who is the pppoatm kernel maintainer these days :
>>anybody knows to whom I should forward this bugreport ?
> Try
> All the best,
> Duncan.

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