Re: Linux 2.6.0-test1-ac2

From: Michael Kristensen (
Date: Wed Jul 16 2003 - 15:13:39 EST

* Alan Cox <> [2003-07-16 21:29:13]:
> 2.6.0-test1-ac2
> o EMU10K update to match CVS + fixes (Rudo Thomas)
Yes, this made my oops on module-load go away.

Apropos emu10k1. Why is OSS deprecated? I have tried a little to get
ALSA working, but it doesn't seem to work. Hint?

By the way, Alan Cox. I think you forgot to increment the ac1 to ac2

Med Venlig Hilsen/Best Regards/Mit freundlichen Grüßen
Michael Kristensen <>
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