Re: [PATCH] O6int for interactivity

From: Marc-Christian Petersen (
Date: Wed Jul 16 2003 - 14:55:06 EST

On Wednesday 16 July 2003 17:22, Felipe Alfaro Solana wrote:

Hi Con,

> > This one makes a massive difference... Please test this to death.
> Oh, my god... This is nearly perfect! :-)
> On 2.6.0-test1-mm1 with o6int.patch, I can't reproduce XMMS initial
> starvation anymore and X feels smoother under heavy load.
> Nice... ;-)
hmm, I really wonder why I don't see any difference for my box.

1. "make -j2 bzImage modules" slows down my box alot.

2. kmail is slow like a dog while make -j2

3. xterm needs ~5seconds while make -j2 to open up

4. xmms does not skip

5. I've tried Felipe's suggestions, they are:
        #define PRIO_BONUS_RATIO 45
        #define INTERACTIVE_DELTA 4
        #define MAX_SLEEP_AVG (HZ)
        #define STARVATION_LIMIT (HZ)
   At least with these changes kmail is much much faster but still not
   as fast as w/o the compilation. Xterm needs ~5seconds to open up.

6. Xterm: "ls -lsa" in a directory with ~1200 files

        2.6.0-test1-mm1 + O6int:
        real 0m12.468s
        user 0m0.170s
        sys 0m0.057s

        2.4.20-wolk4.4: O(1) from latest -aa tree
        real 0m0.689s
        user 0m0.031s
        sys 0m0.011s

7. playing an mpeg with mplayer while "make -j2 bzImage modules" let the movie
   skip some frames every ~10 seconds.

8. I've also tried min_timeslice == max_timeslice (10) w/o much difference :-(
   I remember that this helped alot in earlier 2.5 kernels.

I have to say that the XMMS issue is really less important for me. I want a
kernel where I can "make -j<huge number> bzImage modules" and don't notice
that compilation w/o renicing all the gcc instances.

Celeron 1,3GHz
2x IDE (UDMA100) 60/40 GB
1GB SWAP, 512MB on each disk (same priority)
ext3fs (data=ordered)
anticipatory I/O scheduler
XFree 4.3
WindowMaker 0.82-CVS

Is my box the only one on earth which don't like the scheduler fixups? ;)

ciao, Marc

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