ioremap'ing RAM

From: Pankaj Garg (
Date: Wed Jul 16 2003 - 10:59:07 EST


This is the first time I am posting to this group. If this question does not
belong to this mailing list please ignore it. I would really appreciate if
any one could point me to the correct list.

I am trying to allocate a huge chunk of memory for my module. The memory is
needed to be contiguous in physical address space and is much more than what
kmalloc returns. I reserved some high memory at the bootup time of the
kernel (using the command line option mem), and at the time of module
initialization used ioremap to grab that chunk of memory. All this is
working fine.

My module creates a table in this allocated address space. The table is not
going out of bound.

The module sniff's the packet coming in through the network card and does a
find on the table.

The problem is, if I load the module just after startup (within a second or
two), the kernel crashes. If I do it a little later, say 2-3 mins later, it
crashes after 1-2 days.

Is there anything wrong in the way I am doing memory allocation?


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