Re: Partitioned loop device..

From: Kevin Corry (
Date: Wed Jul 16 2003 - 08:51:18 EST

On Wednesday 16 July 2003 03:59, Dimitry V. Ketov wrote:
> > There is no difference. What makes /dev/loop1a worse than
> > /dev/hda1? It's just block devices, that's it.
> Yes, it is. But I meant its still impossible to use legacy fdisk to
> create that DM mapped partitions (or am I wrong?)

The program fdisk does not know about Device-Mapper. It only reads and writes
DOS partition tables, and leaves it up to the kernel block-layer to provide
the corresponding block devices. Other tools are available that use the same
partitioning format and work with Device-Mapper.

> > I have hopes that the entire partitioning code etc will be
> > ripped out in 2.7 in favour of full userspace discovery + DM,
> > and that MD will hit the same fate...
> MD - did you mean metadisks (software raids?)

Yes. Software RAID devices are currently handled by the MD driver, but much of
that functionality could be ported to Device-Mapper. RAID-linear and RAID-0
can already be supported in DM, and the latest DM release from Sistina has a
module to support RAID-1. So all that's left is to port the RAID-5 code to a
DM module, and modify the user-space tools.

Kevin Corry

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