Re: [PATCH - RFC] [1/2] 2.6 must-fix list - kernel error reporting

From: David S. Miller (
Date: Sat Jul 12 2003 - 00:41:42 EST

On Sat, 12 Jul 2003 01:37:44 +1000 (EST)
James Morris <> wrote:

> Indeed, the kernel socket buffer fills up.
> I think this needs to be addressed in the netlink code, per the patch
> below.
> + /* Don't bother queuing skb if kernel socket has no input function */
> + if (nlk->pid == 0 && !nlk->data_ready)
> + goto no_dst;
> +

Oops, turns out this doesn't work. data_ready is never NULL, look at
how netlink_kernel_create() works.

Also, the broadcast case probably needs to be handled

As an aside, to be honest what's so wrong with the socket receive
buffer filling up? The damage is limited to the receive buffer size
of the kernel netlink socket, but that's it.
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