SBP2 and IEEE1394 in 2.5.74

From: Bob Gill (
Date: Tue Jul 08 2003 - 16:13:31 EST

I have at long last had reasonable success building 2.5.74 (I configured
ACPI out, and along with it went scheduling_while_atomic). The only
issue now is firewire, specifically modules SBP2 and IEEE1394. I looked
at the source and found it to be amazingly small (not many files and
none larger that about 30 bytes). Is there any timeline when these will
be joining the kernel? I would switch over to using 2.5.X tomorrow if
these could be completed/working. Is there a 2.4.X retrograde patch
that could be applied to make these work before the complete 2.5.X
version is completed? Thanks,


Bob Gill <>

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