Re: syscall __NR_mmap2

From: Kurt Wall (
Date: Tue Jul 08 2003 - 09:51:43 EST

Quoth Richard B. Johnson:


> Yeah? So the Linux kernel now requires a specific vendor distribution?
> Since when?

I don't think this vendor specific. The mmap2() man page I have comes
from the man pages package maintained by Andries Brouwer (release 1.56).
The LSM file says you can get them at

> So, to get the proper documentation of the Linux Kernel, I now
> need to purchase a vendor's distribution??? I think not. I think


> the sys-calls need to be documented and I think that I have established
> proof of that supposition.
> Script started on Tue Jul 8 10:35:05 2003
> # man mmap2
> No manual entry for mmap2
> # mmap
> # man map
> MMAP(2) Linux Programmer's Manual MMAP(2)
> mmap, munmap - map or unmap files or devices into memory
> #include <sys/types.h>
> #include <sys/mman.h>
> caddr_t mmap(caddr_t addr, size_t len, int prot , int
> flags, int fd, off_t offset );
> int munmap(caddr_t addr, size_t len);
> WARNING: This is a BSD man page. Linux 0.99.11 can't map
> files, and can't do other things documented here.

I'd say your man pages are woefully out of date.


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