[RFC] parallel directory operations

From: Alex Tomas (bzzz@tmi.comex.ru)
Date: Tue Jul 08 2003 - 10:01:05 EST

hi all!

this time linux can't perform many operations in the single directory.
following patches are intended to solve this limitation. locking is
broken into two stages: at first we protect dcache locking 'part of
directory' using hash, at second (inside ext3) we protect htree structure.
in both cases I use dynamic locks. there are several know issues to be
solved yet (say, this patches don't let several renames in single dir).

Designed by Peter Braam.

simple benchmarks:

creation of 500K files by two processes:
before: 1m41.744s
after: 1m28.837s

creation of 250K files by two processes:
before: 0m28.913s
after: 0m20.851s

creation of 500K hardlinks by two processes:
before: 1m3.126s
after: 0m48.669s

creation of 250K hardlinks by two processes:
before: 0m17.874s
after: 0m10.427s

I would to like to see any comments/suggestions.

with best regards, Alex

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