Re: [PATCH] O3int interactivity for 2.5.74-mm2

From: Szonyi Calin (
Date: Tue Jul 08 2003 - 02:11:24 EST

Con Kolivas said:
> Thanks to Felipe who picked this up I was able to find the one bug
> causing me grief. The idle detection code was allowing the sleep_avg to
> get to ridiculously high levels. This is corrected in the following
> replacement O3int patch. Note this fixes the mozilla issue too. Kick
> arse!!
> Con

Not really.
No change on my system.
No fancy gui (just fvwm). Testing is very simple:
In one xterm window make bzImage
in other mplayer /some/movie.avi
... and the movie is jerky :-(

In the weekend i did some experiments with the defines in kernel/sched.c
It seems that changing in MAX_TIMESLICE the "200" to "100" or even "50"
helps a little bit. (i was able to do a make bzImage and watch a movie
without noticing that is a kernel compile in background)

system is AMD DURON chipset via KT/KM 133, Ati Radeon VE.

I remeber with nostalgicaly about the times when i could (with a 2.5
kernel) do a make -j 5 bzImage AND watch a movie in the same time

# fortune
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