2.4.21-ac4 Adaptec 1210SA lost interrupt , Seagate 120G

From: Elmer (elmer@linking.ee)
Date: Mon Jul 07 2003 - 16:42:32 EST

Tried them on every imaginable way:

1. 2.4.21 + my own siimage slight patch, 2.4.21 + simage from ac4,
        pure 2.4.21-ac4
2. apic, noapic, localapic
3. uni,smp motherboards, 4 of them
4. modules, compiled in,
5. all of options from cards bios

/proc/interrupts reports 0 interrupts for ide2,3 , whatever I do.

after bootup, after attacking ide-disk driver, there are lost interrupts.
it recognises disk as correct type, but no communication except:

1. under XP it works (but there was no linux at that mb)
2. hdparm lets change few flags under linux, but no -X succeeds
3. after waiting for minute those timeouts and booting up, then
/proc/ide/ide2/hde/* reports sensible correct information

I have the card for few more days, anything to try ?


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