2.5.7x: No vga=0x317?

From: Horst von Brand (vonbrand@inf.utfsm.cl)
Date: Mon Jul 07 2003 - 14:51:31 EST

This is a Toshiba Satellite notebook 1800 (P3 mobile/1100, 256MiB RAM,
Trident CyberBlade XPAi1 (rev 82) graphics card; RH 9.

STFW for this machine I found that adding "vga=0x317" to the kernel args
uses the full screen on the virtual TTYs (normal is 80x24 in a small
rectangle at the center of the screen). I tried several 2.5 kernels, and
was convinced they didn't boot (no time to investigate further, sorry).
With 2.5.74 I noticed that the machine does in fact boot, but nothing at
all shows up on the screen until X starts. Deleting the "vga=..." stuff
shows the customary 80x24 rectangle, vga=ask gives a only a few 80x<mumble>
modes. The ones I tried are useless.

Anything I can try/hack to pieces? Not exactly urgent, but having
fullscreen vt's is quite nice.


Dr. Horst H. von Brand                   User #22616 counter.li.org
Departamento de Informatica                     Fono: +56 32 654431
Universidad Tecnica Federico Santa Maria              +56 32 654239
Casilla 110-V, Valparaiso, Chile                Fax:  +56 32 797513
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