[ANNOUNCE] libsysfs v0.1.0

From: Daniel Stekloff (dsteklof@us.ibm.com)
Date: Mon Jul 07 2003 - 05:55:08 EST

I'd like to announce libsysfs - a small library built over sysfs, the virtual
filesystem that exports system devices in the Linux 2.5+ kernels. You can
find the initial version of the library in a small package called sysutils


The library grew from the requirements of several applications all needing
access to system device information in sysfs. We felt it was better to
provide a library of common code rather than having each application create
their own access. Greg KH's udev application, a User Space replacement for
devfs, is one of the applications needing sysfs access. You can see Greg's
original announcement here:


The library doesn't implement any device or bus specifics but simply provides
generic bus, class, and device access as represented in sysfs. Included with
the library in the sysutils package are two small commands that hopefully
make viewing sysfs and system device information easier.

- systool is a command that can list devices by bus, by class, or by device
root - as represented through sysfs. Here's example output showing all
devices off root device pci2, children are indented following each device:

[stekloff@... stekloff]$ systool -r pci2
Root Device Tree: pci2
   pci2 Host/PCI Bridge
         02:01.1 Adaptec AIC-7899P U160/m (#2)
               host1 aic7xxx
                     1:0:8:0 SCSI Processor
                           1:0:8:0:gen SCSI Processorgeneric
                     1:0:0:0 SCSI Direct-Access
                           1:0:0:0:gen SCSI Direct-Accessgeneric
         02:01.0 Adaptec AIC-7899P U160/m
               host0 aic7xxx

- lsbus is a small command for simply viewing sysfs bus information. Here's
example output showing all PCI drivers and their devices:

[stekloff@... stekloff]$ lsbus -D pci
Bus: pci
  RZ1000 IDE

All comments, suggestions, and contributions are welcome.



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