From: William Lee Irwin III (wli@holomorphy.com)
Date: Mon Jul 07 2003 - 04:25:42 EST

As usual, available from:

Various tidbits of new material. As usual, obscene amounts of NIH'ing.
I won't claim it's bug-free, but I will claim some modicum of speed.

Insert something humorous here about sharp, bleeding edges cutting the
unwary. The vfs locking changes here are in need of various kinds of
shaking down, stress testing, and review beyond what I've done thus far.

All 36 patches:
        Extended cpu bitmaps for NR_CPUS > BITS_PER_LONG.

        Shove pmd's into highmem by brute force.

O(1) buffered_rmqueue()
        page_alloc.c rewrite for O(1) bulk transfers to/from per-cpu
        lists. Some of this thing's performance problems were
        corrected by the node-local per_cpu areas; I'm not entirely
        sure what's going on here but it seems as if cachelines totally
        unrelated to the algorithm are exploding wrt. modification cost.
        It's encouraging to see that the algorithm's internals aren't
        behaving like utter shite but discouraging to have no clue of
        what's going wrong with it. I should at least be able to say
        _why_ it sucks before throwing away something that doesn't
        examine 95% of its input 95% of the time to keep something that
        does examine 100% of its input 100% of the time...

lowmem_page_address() micro-optimization
        Use page_to_pfn() instead of open-coding the discontig case.

trivial /proc/ BKL removals
        A couple lock_kernel()'s were outright silly.

i386 pagetable cacheing
        Piggyback on tlb.h stuff to cache pmd's and pte's, even when in
        highmem. New and improved with a shootdown method for kswapd.

        Use slab preconstruction for i386 pgd's.

O(1) proc_pid_readdir()
        NIH'd from Manfred Spraul; walks the hashtable for fast seeks

O(1) proc_pid_statm()
        NIH'd from Ben LaHaise; keeps count of proc_pid_statm()'s stats.

        NIH'd from Maneesh Soni and Dipankar Sarma; uses a separate
        lock for vfsmounts

vfsmount RCU
        NIH'd from Maneesh Soni and Dipankar Sarma; RCU's vfsmount_lock

        NIH'd from Maneesh Soni; uses a seqlock for ->mnt_parent

i386 kmap_atomic() micro-optimizations
        Check pte_same() etc. and nop out kunmap_atomic() when possible.

adaptive mapping->page_lock
        Use rwlocks when NR_CPUS > 8. NR_CPUS > 8 loves it.

4KB stacks, part 1
        NIH'd from Ben LaHaise and Dave Hansen
        s/8192/THREAD_SIZE/ cleanups

4KB stacks, part 2
        NIH'd from Ben LaHaise and Dave Hansen
        Switch to irq stacks in interrupts.

4KB stacks, part 3
        NIH'd from Ben LaHaise and Dave Hansen
        mcount-based stack overflow checking

4KB stacks, part 4
        NIH'd from Ben LaHaise and Dave Hansen
        Switch THREAD_SIZE on a config option.

partial objrmap
        NIH'd from Martin Bligh and Dave McCracken
        Walk ->i_mmap{,shared} for ptov resolution on file-backed pages.

i_mmap RCU
        Use RCU rwlocking to replace mapping->i_shared_sem.

anobjrmap, part 1
        NIH'd from Hugh Dickins
        Core VM cleanups of some kind.

anobjrmap, part 2
        NIH'd from Hugh Dickins
        Prep things to let anonymous pages use ->mapping for other things.

anobjrmap, part 3
        NIH'd from Hugh Dickins
        Wipe pte_chains off the face of the earth.

anobjrmap, part 4
        NIH'd from Hugh Dickins (and mutated in various ways)
        Make a struct anon to look up anon pages with.

anobjrmap, part 5
        NIH'd from Hugh Dickins
        Reinvent pte_chains from scratch, totally different algorithm.
        (Part 6 was partially dropped and partially folded into others.)

anon->lock RCU
        Entirely analogous to ->i_mmap RCU for struct anons.

fs/exec.c sleeping kmap() removals
        highmem.c TLB shootdowns are murder on SMP.
        If only readdir() were so easy to fix...

miscellaneous micro-optimizations
        inode_change_ok() BKL removal (from other trees)
        push down ->mmap_sem to where O(1) proc_pid_statm() can avoid it
        generic_file_llseek() for ramfs (from other trees)
        nuke some extraneous crap in page_alloc.c and jack up batches

i386 per_cpu
        Shove i386 per_cpu data into node-local memory via virtual
        remapping and other disgusting hacks. For some weird reason
        it shook up cacheline colors or some other horrifically
        unpredictable factor enough to help that silly O(1)
        buffered_rmqueue() thing. Also possible node-locality gains.

cpumask_t bugfixes
        From recent -mm discussions.

        Top-down vma allocation; unfortunately various versions of glibc
        hate this and all versions of NPTL and/or LinuxThreads do too...

files_struct RCU
        NIH'd from Maneesh Soni and Dipankar Sarma
        RCU locking for fd tables

redundant current removals
        I don't trust gcc to stop recomputing current on every call.

fs_struct RCU
        RCU locking for pwd's, altroots, etc.

less rmap_lock()'ing
        Untangle page->mapcount and page->chain so ->mapcount can be
        found without having to take a bitwise spinlock per page.
        copy_page_range() never does the bitwise spinlocking at all.
        zap_page_range() only does it for pages the unmapper was the
        last to unmap. Hefty SMP speedup of a certain unmentionable
        benchmark. Unfortunately increases sizeof(struct page).

kill files_lock
        Use a split list to hold struct files so as not to pound
        files_lock like a wild monkey. Even heftier SMP speedup
        of the same unmentionable benchmark...

-- wli
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