Re: [BUG] heavy disk access sometimes freezes 2.5.73-mm[123]

From: Barry K. Nathan (
Date: Sun Jul 06 2003 - 15:46:30 EST

On Thu, Jul 03, 2003 at 02:05:41AM -0700, Barry K. Nathan wrote:
> When I run 2.5.73-mm[123] on a Mandrake Cooker system here, it generally
> runs fine. However, when I run "urpmi --auto-select" to upgrade the
> packages to the latest versions, rpm tends to freeze up during
> installation of one of the packages. This did not seem to happen with
> 2.5.70-mm9, which was the kernel I ran before 2.5.73-mm1.

I've figured things out a bit more and filed a Bugzilla report:

-Barry K. Nathan <>
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