orinoco USB driver

From: Joshua Kwan (joshk@triplehelix.org)
Date: Sat Jul 05 2003 - 19:16:01 EST

I'm currently trying to get my Avaya Wireless 'Silver' USB device to
work with the orinoco_usb driver v0.2.1.

Firstly, it is not 'supported.' So I had to use force_unsupported=1.
But the firmware you download is from Avaya's site, so it seems to me
like it should work!

Here's what i get:

firesong:/usr/src/orinoco-usb-0.2.1# modprobe orinoco_usb debug=1 force_unsupported=1
/usr/src/orinoco-usb-0.2.1/driver/orinoco_usb.c: Device is not supported (you may want to set force_unsupported=1)
/usr/src/orinoco-usb-0.2.1/driver/orinoco_usb.c: Trying to handle device anyway as requested
/usr/src/orinoco-usb-0.2.1/driver/orinoco_usb.c:bridge_probe: ENTER
/usr/src/orinoco-usb-0.2.1/driver/orinoco_usb.c: No firmware to download
/usr/src/orinoco-usb-0.2.1/driver/orinoco_usb.c:bridge_remove_in_urb: no urb to remove
/usr/src/orinoco-usb-0.2.1/driver/orinoco_usb.c:bridge_delete: ENTER
unregister_netdevice: device wlan%d/cf4f3000 never was registered
/usr/src/orinoco-usb-0.2.1/driver/orinoco_usb.c:bridge_delete: EXIT
/usr/src/orinoco-usb-0.2.1/driver/orinoco_usb.c:bridge_probe: EXIT
drivers/usb/core/usb.c: registered new driver Orinoco USB
orinoco_usb.c v0.2.1 (Manuel Estrada Sainz <ranty@debian.org>)

The light does not come on and I don't get any device. I notice that the
firmware is loaded from a .SYS file and installed into the hotplug
/usr/lib directory. When is this loaded?

Do you have any pointers? It would be really nice to get the card to


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